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It’s amazing man, everything I wanted! It looks natural, clean, it’s a life changer man I’m not gonna lie. Nobody can tell at all. I would suggest this to anybody. Everyday will be a lot easier, you take your hat off and you don’t have to worry about nothing, just cut your hair and you’re good.

- Steve, Melbourne, Australia


It feels amazing to be honest. I walk around the street with higher confidence. My advice is just go for it. The results are guaranteed, you’re going to be happier, and feel like a whole new person.

- Henry, Pirth, Australia


It gives you confidence with your everyday life. My brother said to me, wow you look like a stud, you look better than me now! These guys at SMP Globe really care, they’re fun. It’s a great decision and I’m very happy with you guys.

- Travis, Sydney, Australia